“The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed – it needs to be transformed. ”

― Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything


My inspiration comes from the Reggio Emilia approach and Socio-Constructivism theory.

I believe children’s interests and explorations should provide the framework for curriculum and investigation. Our thoughtful and intentionally designed environment fosters children’s experiences, relationships, and opportunities for cooperative work. Materials are selected that are interesting and provoke creativity and wonder.

Our work with children hinges on respectful, collaborative relationships between staff, families, and the community. The active participation of our parents is an essential element in the life of children.

What is Constructivism?

In Constructivism, learning occurs through experiencing the world. This 20th century theory is built on the work of psychologist Jean Piaget, who believed that children build their own knowledge through play and their experiences. Constructivism also takes cues from psychologist Lev Vygotsky and his understanding that learning is a social activity.

Just my thoughts~

Title – “Everything is connected”

Description– “Corona holds a mirror that reflects our relationship with ourselves, with the Earth, with each other and with the broader systems we live in.” Marian Brehmer

I see the pandemic as a disruption of our unsustainable consumer culture and the rat race that we have organized our lives around. A pause to think and reflect on the damage being done to the natural world and the cost we are paying, in relation to the disintegration of our mind, body, and spirit.. [Read More]

Celebrating the Spirit of Motherhood ~ a personal moment in time.  My son had just finished their Social Science Chapter on the Ohlone Tribe. As part of the public school syllabus, the entire 4th-grade class goes on a field trip to the Historical Mission Museum where the Ohlone artifacts are on display. [Read More]

Picture: The “Ring” is placed inside the Origami flower that my daughter made for me on Mother’s Day

StarbucksPic Dear Starbucks, You did it again! No, it is not the tea or coffee order that got switched, neither was it ruined. It is also not about the temperature of brew… it was extra hot, perfect! It is not about the storefront or the decorum- just like the other twenty-one thousand (and many more) Starbucks globally fulfilling people’s passion for a coffee cup.[Read More]
Global Sustainability: Think Out of the Box

Sustainability of the planet is a global challenge. We humans will have to break down the geographical barriers of isolation to save our planet. Corbin Harney, a noted environmentalist summarizes it very well “We the people, are going to have to put our thoughts together, our power together, to save our planet here. We’ve only got one Water, one Air, and one Mother Earth.” [Read More]

328787_orig National Geographic Photography Contest – “Sun showers- Catching hope”

California enters its 4th driest season – reservoirs hitting the lowest of lows and the proclamation from the state capital sounding apocalyptic “we have water stored for only a year.”

Amidst all of these, when forecast read “Rain is coming!” it drew my attention. As the sky gradually gained the shades of gray playing catch with the occasional sliver of light from the sun forcing its way through, the little particulates of rain pitter-pattered on my windshield.

To me these tiny diamonds represented hope – hope that we can endure the drought, hope that a solution is on its way. My daughter extended her hand to catch these rare jewels. It seemed to me she read my mind and took a leap of faith to catch hope. Hope after all is catchy and contagious!

GettyImage “Nature as the celebrated artist” – Being at Getty outdoors is an inspirational experience. The hidden gems in nature – plants, shrubs, twigs, rocks, sand, water invites me to cross-over, exploring human relationship with nature. [Read More]