Everything is connected

Title– “Everything is connected”

Description– “Corona holds a mirror that reflects our relationship with ourselves, with the Earth, with each other and with the broader systems we live in.” Marian Brehmer

I see the pandemic as a disruption of our unsustainable consumer culture and the rat race that we have organized our lives around. A pause to think and reflect on the damage being done to the natural world and the cost we are paying, in relation to the disintegration of our mind, body, and spirit.

However, doors of crisis can open to hallways of opportunity. We must take the opportunity to learn from the current situation, to experiment and reinvent our existing systems that are developed for profiting from the earth, and a lack of consideration and empathy towards the animal world.
The reinventing will take collective conscious awakening. It will require us to move towards sustainable practices that support not only our earth’s renewal but will also guarantee security, and abundance for our children’s future.
For me as an artist, the wall paintings from Ancient Egypt (2000-1000B.C.; open-source) became the vehicle for this conscious awakening. The natural color palette and the simple, peaceful illustration of the flora and fauna in these images stand in conflict with our hurried, convenience culture that is pervasive in the modern world.

I was moved to co-create the ancient and modern. Joining these divergent images of the past and the present, I intended to represent the journey of our interconnected reality, highlighting our self-centered, disconnected ways, where we display nature and its creatures on our bodies, oblivious to the huge cost incurred in bringing the material to us.