Happy Mothers Day

Celebrating the Spirit of Motherhood ~ a personal moment in time

My son had just finished their Social Science Chapter on the Ohlone Tribe. As part of the public school syllabus, the entire 4th-grade class goes on a field trip to the Historical Mission Museum where the Ohlone artifacts are on display.

The Mission building has a small gift shop that students visit at the end of the museum tour. They were encouraged to buy souvenirs or any other small items from the gift shop.

The Weekly Thursday folder (before email era) came home that week with the upcoming field trip information and parent permission form. The evening before the scheduled trip my son asked if he could carry some money to buy something from the gift shop. I gave my son five dollars.

We used to carpool with our neighbors, and like any regular school day, my son got dropped home after his trip to the Museum. He rang the doorbell, and as I opened the door, he walked through the doorway and stopped midway, putting his schoolbag down. He started searching for something. I could feel his excitement.

“I have something for you,” he said as he got a brown paper bag out of his schoolbag.

He opened the bag and said, “Mamma, the ring cost $4.25 (he had spent all the money on the ring!) I am sorry I did not have any money left to bring something for Raashi (baby sister).”

I have been carrying this ring in my wallet for 10 years now.

Once in a while, during happy and sad moments, I bring it out to remind myself how lucky I am to have experienced that moment as a “Mom.”

Picture ~ The Ring is placed inside the Origami flowers that my daughter crafted on Mother’s day 2020.