Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior: ordinary people shining their lights to illuminate the path for others

As an early riser, I have been charmed by countless scenes of dawn – soft, golden rays continue to shimmer as the radiant sun blooms out in the distant horizon – “Out of darkness, light.” The blanket of darkness recedes, as nature orchestrates its best light show. In awe, several Poets have penned and Artists have drawn, attempting to capture this majestic moment.

Such momentous events in the sky have evidently rubbed their influence on earth, albeit rarely. From Rosa Parks, the African American who refused to vacate her seat aboard a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama, leading up to the civil rights movement during the 1950’s; to Ruby Bridges, a 6 year old girl who braved angry, vicious mob of racist protestors on her way to school, standing up with grit until society accepted the new norm of integrated public schools. One individual, one ordinary person took the extraordinary step to be that ray of light at crack of dawn.

More recently, we have witnessed the camaraderie in “Black Lives Matter” and the “Me Too” movement which heralds the promise of an even, just, and fair playing field for humanity.

Just as despair can only come from another, hope too, can only be given by another. My piece is dedicated to all those “Peaceful Warriors”, cloaked in darkness, becoming the ray of light at crack of dawn.

MEDIA: Paper – The drawing paper is the foundation of my artwork. I feel mesmerized when I see a sheet of paper and the potential of having a finished sculpture with the usage of basic tool like a blade for sculpting technique. The final transformation is infinitely capable – easily moldable and yet strong enough to be the dream catcher.

I will be using paper cutting technique to create a 3D sculpture, producing a depth effect. I intend to play on the cutting technique and blend with led light source placement to create a sense of awe “Out of darkness, light”.

The paper sculpture will be encased in a rectangular prism of approx. 2’ x 2’ x 3’ made of clear Plexiglas material enhancing viewing pleasure.