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Dedicated to parents, educators & stress-free childhood enthusiast – May we all come together in bringing back the CHILDHOOD that our children deserve. Let’s free them from the pressures of testing competitions, screens, & over-scheduling.

Let our children PLAY because PLAY is the “highest form of research” according to Einstein.


KQED public radio changes lives for the better and celebrates diversity, embraces innovation, values lifelong learning, and partners with those who share passion for public service. One of my pieces on the topic of cultural diversity and its impact in our community titled – “Diwali in America”, was aired in the program Perspectives. Read more at KQED Perspective’s website…


The City of Santa Clara is a culturally rich and diverse community. The City’s Cultural Commission called for entries to compete in “Breaking Out of the Box” Art Exhibition. My piece on Global Sustainability was selected and is on display at the City Hall. The exhibition runs through September 2014.

 6257728_re Recipient of Certificate of Achievement (2002, 2007,2008)
West Valley College, Saratoga, CARecipient of Deans Honor Roll Award (2002) for consistently achieving high grades during the academic year at West Valley College, Saratoga, CA