Professional Development

The Magic Triangle of Reading Aloud by Isabel Baker, Founding Director of the Book Vine for Children and Amy Vandament, President of the Book Vine for Children – Aug 19th, 2020.

Google Children’s Centers Summer Series

Google Children’s Centers Summer Series Making Meaning – June 2nd, 2018.

Presentations, Panels, and Workshops. A day filled with sessions around curriculum development, inclusive practices, learning environment design, and innovative applications of materials in the classrooms.

Sally Haughey
Chamroeun Yann
Alistair Bryce-Clegg
Julie Kurtz

Transform Challenging Behavior – Online Conference, Created and made Available by Barb O Neill – Speaker, Trainer

February 2017 Group Activity for The Jewish Studio Project

February 2017 – The Jewish Studio Project.

The Jewish Studio Project is an innovative and new approach towards creativity using the medium of arts. It is the basis of discovering oneself and bringing about social change, inspiring Judaism – vibrant, connective and hopeful . To read more about the program

Innovative Teacher Project Rakhi Sachdeva

The Innovative Teacher Project – Illuminating and Examining Relationships in Reggio Inspired Settings at La Scuola International School located in San Francisco.

La Scuola’s mission is to “Inspire Brave Learners to Shape the Future” through our unique combination of the Reggio Emilia pedagogy. To read more about the program

Inspired by experimenting with colors Inspired with experimenting with colors a natural way Inspired by experimenting with colors and human touch Dogs human's best friend Dalmatian bread a human's love for dogs
Helen Diller School field day

Dec 2016 – Field day at Helen Diller Nursery School located in San Francisco.

Helen Diller Preschool considers all children to have curiosity, and interest. They have the potential in engaging in social interaction, and working with what their environment offers them. They are encouraged to participate and take an active role in their path of acquiring knowledge. To read more about the program

Helen Diller School wall of values Helen Diller School Preschool Staff Introduction
ITP Studio Series

The Innovative Teacher Project – Studio Series: Materials Atelier: Building Relationships with Materials and making Ideas Visible.

Presented By: Jordan Guillory

Jordan Guillory, Atelierista of Mid-Pacific Institute OFJCC Teacher Attendees Exploring Natural Material Exploration using Clay Small Group Work Using Natural Material - Clay, Wire Small Group Work Using Natural Material

All Agency training at OFJCC: First time 250 employees from all our OFJCC departments came together for training on Aug 26th 2015. Our CEO Zack Bodner talking about the importance of TEAM.

Bing Educator Seminar: Supporting Teacher Well-Being and Care giving Relationships to Buffer Toxic Stress

Bing Nursery School’s 50th Anniversary Symposium


  • John Flavell
  • Mark Lepper
  • Eleanor Maccoby


  • Eve Clark
  • Carol Dweck
  • Jeanne Tsai

Visit to Little School: The school is located at 1520 Lyon Street, San Francisco on Wednesday. It lives up to its name in terms of being little in space, but they have done big things in the realm of inclusion and relationship building since 1984. Read more ….

Professional Development field day Bing Nursery School: Visit to Bing Nursery School Stanford Campus


Professional Development day: Jan 2016 Managing the Challenging Behaviors – workshop by Stephnie Agnew Parent education Co-ordinator

Professional Development day : March 2016 Managing/creating/working with Change by Jack Cohen